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Syllabus - Strategic Vision and Analysis

Syllabus - Strategy in a Dynamic Environment

Syllabus - Social Enterprise and Innovative Business Models

Syllabus - Strategic Management for Fellows

Suzanne M. Carter is the Executive Director of the EMBA program at TCU's Neeley School of Business.

She teaches Strategic Management and Global Strategy. She consults with companies and Not-For-Profit organizations as well as individual leaders on  vision, strategic planning and implementation issues.

Suzanne's Curriculum Vita


Strategic thinking isn't what it used to be. Businesses are moving forward at breakneck speeds and leaders have to be able to adapt. Becoming agile in this ever  increasingly complex environment is critical for success. Let's explore how it's done!

Agile Strategic Thinking

Consulting. Strategic vision, strategy modelling, strategic planning and implementation frameworks.  Carter & Associates works with clients from all sectors.  I facilitate strategic planning sessions, as well as conduct seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching. 

Research. My research interests our in strategic leadership, managing reputation, and creating shared value. See some of my articles and research streams in reputation and leadership below. 

Strategic Leadership article

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